Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString Class Reference

#include <Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString ()
 Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString (const Resource_DataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString &aMap)
void Initialize (const Resource_DataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString &aMap)
const TCollection_AsciiStringKey () const
const TCollection_ExtendedStringValue () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TCollection_BasicMapIterator
void Reset ()
 Resets the iterator to the first node. More...
Standard_Boolean More () const
 Returns true if there is a current entry for this iterator in the map. Use the function Next to set this iterator to the position of the next entry, if it exists. More...
void Next ()
 Sets this iterator to the position of the next entry of the map. Nothing is changed if there is no more entry to explore in the map: this iterator is always positioned on the last entry of the map but the function More returns false. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TCollection_BasicMapIterator
 TCollection_BasicMapIterator ()
 Creates an empty iterator. More...
 TCollection_BasicMapIterator (const TCollection_BasicMap &M)
 Initialize on the first node in the buckets. More...
void Initialize (const TCollection_BasicMap &M)
 Initialize on the first node in the buckets. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TCollection_BasicMapIterator
Standard_Address myNode

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString::Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString ( )
Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString::Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString ( const Resource_DataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString aMap)

Member Function Documentation

void Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString::Initialize ( const Resource_DataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString aMap)
const TCollection_AsciiString& Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString::Key ( ) const
const TCollection_ExtendedString& Resource_DataMapIteratorOfDataMapOfAsciiStringExtendedString::Value ( ) const

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