Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
Public Member Functions

TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO Class Reference

Fref is built on x-periodic surface (x=u,v). S built on Fref's geometry, should be UVClosed. More...

#include <TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO ()
 TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO (const TopoDS_Face &FRef)
const TopoDS_FaceFref () const
const GeomAdaptor_SurfaceGASref () const
Standard_Boolean Refclosed (const Standard_Integer x, Standard_Real &xperiod) const
Standard_Boolean Init (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
const TopoDS_ShapeS () const
const TopTools_ListOfShapeEds () const
Standard_Boolean UVClosed () const
Standard_Real Tol (const Standard_Integer I, const Standard_Real tol3d) const
Standard_Boolean PurgeFyClosingE (const TopTools_ListOfShape &ClEds, TopTools_ListOfShape &fyClEds) const
Standard_Integer EdgeOUTofBoundsUV (const TopoDS_Edge &E, const Standard_Boolean onU, const Standard_Real tolx, Standard_Real &parspE) const
Standard_Boolean EdgesOUTofBoundsUV (const TopTools_ListOfShape &EdsToCheck, const Standard_Boolean onU, const Standard_Real tolx, TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger &FyEds) const
Standard_Boolean EdgeWithFaultyUV (const TopoDS_Edge &E, Standard_Integer &Ivfaulty) const
Standard_Boolean EdgesWithFaultyUV (const TopTools_ListOfShape &EdsToCheck, const Standard_Integer nfybounds, TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger &FyEds, const Standard_Boolean stopatfirst=Standard_False) const
Standard_Boolean EdgeWithFaultyUV (const TopTools_ListOfShape &EdsToCheck, const Standard_Integer nfybounds, TopoDS_Shape &fyE, Standard_Integer &Ifaulty) const
Standard_Boolean TrslUV (const Standard_Boolean onU, const TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger &FyEds)
Standard_Boolean GetnewS (TopoDS_Face &newS) const
Standard_Boolean UVRep (const TopoDS_Edge &E, TopOpeBRepTool_C2DF &C2DF) const
Standard_Boolean SetUVRep (const TopoDS_Edge &E, const TopOpeBRepTool_C2DF &C2DF)
Standard_Boolean Connexity (const TopoDS_Vertex &V, TopTools_ListOfShape &Eds) const
Standard_Boolean SetConnexity (const TopoDS_Vertex &V, const TopTools_ListOfShape &Eds)
Standard_Boolean AddNewConnexity (const TopoDS_Vertex &V, const TopoDS_Edge &E)
Standard_Boolean RemoveOldConnexity (const TopoDS_Vertex &V, const TopoDS_Edge &E)

Detailed Description

Fref is built on x-periodic surface (x=u,v). S built on Fref's geometry, should be UVClosed.

Give us E, an edge of S. 2drep(E) is not UV connexed. We translate 2drep(E) in xdir*xperiod if necessary.

call : TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO Tool(Fref); Tool.Init(S); if (!Tool.UVClosed()) { // initialize EdsToCheck,nfybounds,stopatfirst

Tool.EdgeWithFaultyUV(EdsToCheck,nfybounds,FyEds,stopatfirst); if (Tool.SetUVClosed()) S = Tool.GetnewS(); }

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO ( )
TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO ( const TopoDS_Face FRef)

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::AddNewConnexity ( const TopoDS_Vertex V,
const TopoDS_Edge E 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Connexity ( const TopoDS_Vertex V,
TopTools_ListOfShape Eds 
) const
Standard_Integer TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::EdgeOUTofBoundsUV ( const TopoDS_Edge E,
const Standard_Boolean  onU,
const Standard_Real  tolx,
Standard_Real parspE 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::EdgesOUTofBoundsUV ( const TopTools_ListOfShape EdsToCheck,
const Standard_Boolean  onU,
const Standard_Real  tolx,
TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger FyEds 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::EdgesWithFaultyUV ( const TopTools_ListOfShape EdsToCheck,
const Standard_Integer  nfybounds,
TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger FyEds,
const Standard_Boolean  stopatfirst = Standard_False 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::EdgeWithFaultyUV ( const TopoDS_Edge E,
Standard_Integer Ivfaulty 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::EdgeWithFaultyUV ( const TopTools_ListOfShape EdsToCheck,
const Standard_Integer  nfybounds,
TopoDS_Shape fyE,
Standard_Integer Ifaulty 
) const
const TopTools_ListOfShape& TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Eds ( ) const
const TopoDS_Face& TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Fref ( ) const
const GeomAdaptor_Surface& TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::GASref ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::GetnewS ( TopoDS_Face newS) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Init ( const TopoDS_Shape S)
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::PurgeFyClosingE ( const TopTools_ListOfShape ClEds,
TopTools_ListOfShape fyClEds 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Refclosed ( const Standard_Integer  x,
Standard_Real xperiod 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::RemoveOldConnexity ( const TopoDS_Vertex V,
const TopoDS_Edge E 
const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::S ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::SetConnexity ( const TopoDS_Vertex V,
const TopTools_ListOfShape Eds 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::SetUVRep ( const TopoDS_Edge E,
const TopOpeBRepTool_C2DF C2DF 
Standard_Real TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::Tol ( const Standard_Integer  I,
const Standard_Real  tol3d 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::TrslUV ( const Standard_Boolean  onU,
const TopTools_DataMapOfOrientedShapeInteger FyEds 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::UVClosed ( ) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CORRISO::UVRep ( const TopoDS_Edge E,
TopOpeBRepTool_C2DF C2DF 
) const

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