Open CASCADE Technology  7.0.0
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TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS Class Reference

#include <TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS ()
void Init (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
const TopoDS_ShapeS () const
Standard_Boolean MapS ()
Standard_Boolean SplitFaces ()
Standard_Boolean REGU ()
void SetFsplits (TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape &Fsplits)
void GetFsplits (TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape &Fsplits) const
void SetOshNsh (TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape &OshNsh)
void GetOshNsh (TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape &OshNsh) const
Standard_Boolean InitBlock ()
Standard_Boolean NextinBlock ()
Standard_Boolean NearestF (const TopoDS_Edge &e, const TopTools_ListOfShape &lof, TopoDS_Face &ffound) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Boolean WireToFace (const TopoDS_Face &Fanc, const TopTools_ListOfShape &nWs, TopTools_ListOfShape &nFs)
static Standard_Boolean SplitF (const TopoDS_Face &Fanc, TopTools_ListOfShape &FSplits)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::GetFsplits ( TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape Fsplits) const
void TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::GetOshNsh ( TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape OshNsh) const
void TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::Init ( const TopoDS_Shape S)
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::InitBlock ( )
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::MapS ( )
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::NearestF ( const TopoDS_Edge e,
const TopTools_ListOfShape lof,
TopoDS_Face ffound 
) const
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::NextinBlock ( )
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::REGU ( )
const TopoDS_Shape& TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::S ( ) const
void TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::SetFsplits ( TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape Fsplits)
void TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::SetOshNsh ( TopTools_DataMapOfShapeListOfShape OshNsh)
static Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::SplitF ( const TopoDS_Face Fanc,
TopTools_ListOfShape FSplits 
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::SplitFaces ( )
static Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_REGUS::WireToFace ( const TopoDS_Face Fanc,
const TopTools_ListOfShape nWs,
TopTools_ListOfShape nFs 

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