Open CASCADE Technology  7.1.0.beta
Data Structures

GccEnt.hxx File Reference

#include <Standard.hxx>
#include <Standard_DefineAlloc.hxx>
#include <Standard_Handle.hxx>

Data Structures

class  GccEnt
 This package provides an implementation of the qualified entities useful to create 2d entities with geometric constraints. The qualifier explains which subfamily of solutions we want to obtain. It uses the following law: the matter/the interior side is at the left of the line, if we go from the beginning to the end. The qualifiers are: Enclosing : the solution(s) must enclose the argument. Enclosed : the solution(s) must be enclosed in the argument. Outside : both the solution(s) and the argument must be outside to each other. Unqualified : the position is undefined, so give all the solutions. The use of a qualifier is always required if such subfamilies exist. For example, it is not used for a point. Note: the interior of a curve is defined as the left-hand side of the curve in relation to its orientation. More...