Open CASCADE Technology  7.2.0
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NCollection_StlIterator.hxx File Reference

#include <Standard_Assert.hxx>
#include <iterator>

Data Structures

struct  opencascade::enable_if< Condition, T >
struct  opencascade::enable_if< false, T >
struct  opencascade::is_same< T1, T2 >
struct  opencascade::is_same< T, T >
struct  opencascade::conditional< Condition, TypeTrue, TypeFalse >
struct  opencascade::conditional< false, TypeTrue, TypeFalse >
class  NCollection_StlIterator< Category, BaseIterator, ItemType, IsConstant >
 Helper class that allows to use NCollection iterators as STL iterators. NCollection iterator can be extended to STL iterator of any category by adding necessary methods: STL forward iterator requires IsEqual method, STL bidirectional iterator requires Previous method, and STL random access iterator requires Offset and Differ methods. See NCollection_Vector as example of declaring custom STL iterators. More...