Open CASCADE Technology  7.6.0
Data Structures

NCollection_AliasedArray.hxx File Reference

#include <NCollection_DefineAlloc.hxx>
#include <NCollection_StlIterator.hxx>
#include <Standard_DimensionMismatch.hxx>
#include <Standard_OutOfMemory.hxx>
#include <Standard_OutOfRange.hxx>
#include <Standard_TypeMismatch.hxx>

Data Structures

class  NCollection_AliasedArray< MyAlignSize >
 Defines an array of values of configurable size. For instance, this class allows defining an array of 32-bit or 64-bit integer values with bitness determined in runtime. The element size in bytes (stride) should be specified at construction time. Indexation starts from 0 index. As actual type of element varies at runtime, element accessors are defined as templates. Memory for array is allocated with the given alignment (template parameter). More...