Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0
Data Structures

Adaptor3d_CurveOnSurface.hxx File Reference

#include <Adaptor2d_Curve2d.hxx>
#include <Adaptor3d_Surface.hxx>
#include <GeomAbs_CurveType.hxx>
#include <GeomAbs_Shape.hxx>
#include <TColStd_Array1OfReal.hxx>
#include <TColStd_HSequenceOfReal.hxx>

Data Structures

class  Adaptor3d_CurveOnSurface
 An interface between the services provided by a curve lying on a surface from the package Geom and those required of the curve by algorithms which use it. The curve is defined as a 2D curve from the Geom2d package, in the parametric space of the surface. More...