Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0

TDocStd_FormatVersion.hxx File Reference


enum  TDocStd_FormatVersion {
  TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_2 = 2 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_3 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_4 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_5 ,
  TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_6 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_7 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_8 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_9 ,
  TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_10 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_11 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_12 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_CURRENT = TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_12
 Storage format versions of OCAF documents in XML and binary file formats. More...
enum  { TDocStd_FormatVersion_LOWER = TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_2 , TDocStd_FormatVersion_UPPER = TDocStd_FormatVersion_VERSION_12 }

Enumeration Type Documentation

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anonymous enum

◆ TDocStd_FormatVersion

Storage format versions of OCAF documents in XML and binary file formats.

OCAF document file format evolves and a new version number indicates each improvement of the format. This enumeration lists all versions of an OCAF document. TDocStd_FormatVersion_CURRENT value refers to the last file format version. By default, Open CASCADE Technology writes new documents using the last file format version. The last version of Open CASCADE Technology is able to read old documents of any version. However, a previous version of Open CASCADE Technology may not be able to read a new document. In this case use the method ChangeStorageFormatVersion() from TDocStd_Document to change the file format version. Then, save the document by means of SaveAs() from TDocStd_Application.

If it is necessary to improve an XML or binary file format of OCAF document, follow please the next steps:

  • increment the file format version in this enumeration. Put a reference to the last file format version by means of TDocStd_FormatVersion_CURRENT.
  • introduce the improvement in OCAF attribute storage and retrieval drivers, if necessary. As an example, please consider the file XmlMDataStd_TreeNodeDriver.cxx.
  • test the improvement on current file format version and on the previous one.

First supported version.


OCCT 6.3.0.

  • XML: Adding DeltaOnModification functionality to set of Standard attributes [#0019403]
  • BIN: Add Delta to numbers data, changes in ShapeSection [#0019986, #0019403]

OCCT 6.3.1.

  • XML: Naming mechanism improvement [#0021004]
  • BIN: entry, ContextLabel for tree [#0021004]

OCCT 6.3.1.

  • XML: Separation of OCAF to Lite and Standard parts completion [#0021093]
  • BIN: Convert old format to new [#0021093]

OCCT 6.5.0.

  • XML: Add location [#0022192]
  • BIN: Add location [#0022192]

OCCT 6.7.0.

  • XML: Add orientation [#0023766]
  • BIN: Add orientation, type migration [#0023766]

OCCT 7.0.0.


OCCT 7.1.0.

  • BIN: Add GUIDs, Process user defined guid [#0027932]

OCCT 7.2.0.

  • BIN: ReadTOC changed to handle 64-bit file length [#0028736]

OCCT 7.6.0.

  • BIN, XML: TopTools_FormatVersion_CURRENT changed to 3 and BinTools_FormatVersion_CURRENT changed to 4 to preserve per-vertex normal information in case of triangulation-only Faces [#0031136]

OCCT 7.6.0.

  • BIN: New binary format for fast reading of part of OCAF document [#0031918]

Current version.