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OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters Struct Reference

Packed properties of light source. More...

#include <OpenGl_ShaderManager.hxx>

Public Member Functions

const OpenGl_Vec4Packed () const
 Returns packed (serialized) representation of light source properties. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Integer NbOfVec4 ()

Data Fields

OpenGl_Vec4 Color
 RGB color + Intensity (in .w) More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Position
 XYZ Direction or Position + IsHeadlight (in .w) More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Direction
 spot light XYZ direction + Range (in .w) More...
OpenGl_Vec4 Parameters
 same as Graphic3d_CLight::PackedParams() More...

Detailed Description

Packed properties of light source.

Member Function Documentation

◆ NbOfVec4()

static Standard_Integer OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::NbOfVec4 ( )

◆ Packed()

const OpenGl_Vec4* OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::Packed ( ) const

Returns packed (serialized) representation of light source properties.

Field Documentation

◆ Color

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::Color

RGB color + Intensity (in .w)

◆ Direction

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::Direction

spot light XYZ direction + Range (in .w)

◆ Parameters

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::Parameters

◆ Position

OpenGl_Vec4 OpenGl_ShaderManager::OpenGl_ShaderLightParameters::Position

XYZ Direction or Position + IsHeadlight (in .w)

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