OCCT Project Organization

Project Leader

The Project Leader drives the opening of development of the Open CASCADE Technology product. He is responsible for all that relates to the organization of the project and the elaboration of the road-map.
The Project Leader is the moderator of the forum.

Technical Leader

The Technical Leader leads the development team that implements the collaborative work tools and methodologies. He is responsible for all that relates to the technical solutions proposed on this development website.

Publication Director

Melanie Daubrosse, Head of Marketing and Communication Europe, responsible for the maintenance of this website.


The present project would not exist without the tremendous work done by the former MATRA DATAVISION development team, including the Architect of the main OCCT data structures (the so called Shape and Data Framework), the Designer of OCAF, the Modeling team who developed most of Geometry and Topology algorithms as well as the Topological Naming, the Designer of Data Exchange services, the Graphic team as well as the team in charge of the Kernel toolkit and development tools such as CDL, WOK and Draw.

We are also grateful to the management who supported this project and decided to go to the open source.


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