Active projects

This page contains a description of on-going OCCT development projects.

Check the project pages to see how OCCT will evolve in the near future, and consider subscribing to the pages to get mail notifications on the updates.

Please feel free to post your questions, ideas, and suggestions on a dedicated Forum.




Publication of sources of the documentation

  • Convert the overview documentation from Robohelp to Doxygen format
  • Convert the user’s guides from Word to Doxygen format
  • Include Doxygen documentation source into the Git repository
  • Provide the tools to build the documentation from sources
  • Provide on-line access to the documentation from the Web site

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Overall code and build procedure refactoring

  • Minimize amount of derived files generated by WOK
  • Replace Handles by a template-based smart pointer
  • Replace generic classes by C++ templates
  • Eliminate CDL
  • Replace WOK by another build system

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Improvement of the usability of Boolean operations

  • Elaborate FAQ on best practices of geometrical and topological 3D modeling (how to create good shapes and check their quality)
  • Provide developers with run-time feedback form internal algorithms on problems and reasons of eventual geometrical and topological data inconsistencies and failures
  • Analyze use cases and issues found in real-world applications, to identify typical problems and points to improve
  • Revise OCCT modeling components to better address real-case situations

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Evolution of visualization tools

  • Refactor visualization module
  • Analyze general architecture of connection to 3rd party visualization engines
  • Improve visualization of OCCT Shapes
  • Refactor selection tools to be independent on the OCCT viewer

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Support of mobile operating systems

  • Upgrade code and build tools for building for mobile platforms
  • Support Open GL ES 2.0 in Visualization
  • Use EGL for connection between Open GL context and window system
  • Make sample application for Android

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