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Project leader: Kirill Gavrilov (kgv)
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So far Open CASCADE Technology was mainly oriented to desktop applications.
Recent years we see great development of mobile devices, which become more and more comparable in performance to low-level desktop systems.
This makes it feasible to use Open CASCADE Technology for building mobile applications.

We have already seen that some people use OCCT on Android (first report is by Goran Lukic in 2011) and iOS (István Csanády, end 2013).
However, up to now this use has been limited to core modeling packages, and not supported in official releases.

By this project we are going to introduce support of mobile platforms in official releases of OCCT.

Current state

As for the current state, OCCT 7.1.0 can built for the most popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS.

Basic OpenGL ES 2.0 support has been introduced within release OCCT 6.8.0, and within current state of OCCT 7.1.0 provides almost all features available on the desktop (excluding Ray-Tracing engine).

OpenGL ES 2.0 can be also used on desktop platforms when compatibility and uniform behavior is more important then functionality. For instance, project Angle can be used as OpenGL ES implementation based on Direct3D library on Windows platform - for using hardware-accelerated OCCT 3D Viewer on Windows Store or on desktop while using RDP protocol.

CAD Assistant is a free 3D Viewer for CAD models demonstrates OCCT 3D Viewer features available on various platforms - macOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Evolution 2015-2016

How to help

Everyone is welcome to share ideas, comments, proposals regarding support of OCCT on mobile platforms using the forum or Mantis.
Contributions to code, help in testing on different configurations will be appreciated.
If you have specific requirements or urgent needs, consider ordering OCC support services.

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