Sewing and XCAF

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This topic is actually not pure Modeling topic, while Modeling and Data Exchange issue. The problem I recently met lies in reconstructing the attributes assignment of the subshapes in the sewed model. Basically, the following example: I import the model, which contains only faces (no shell, no solids), but each face has some attributes in XCAFDoc (colors, for instance). And I would like to sew all faces into solid (using BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing) preserving the correct colorization of the faces and place it back into XCAF removing the initial faces.
Using ShapeBuild_ReShape doesn't help unfortunately, because applying the result reshaper to the initial set of faces delivers some other faces rather than the ones included in the result solid (traversing all faces of the solid can't identify any match). Actually, it's clear, that ShapeBuild_ReShape can't help in this way, because in 2 separate calls it creates 2 separate shapes, which couldn't be matched without deep geometry analysis. But maybe I don't understand something? Or doing something wrong?

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Use history of modification provided by sewing

Use history of modification provided by sewing.

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