Realistic 3D visualization - not a toy anymore

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A nice article about an increasing role of realistic 3D visualization has been published recently by PTC: Rendering: It’s the Real Thing.

This reaffirms the point of view of the OCCT visualization development team: nowadays, realistic 3D visualization becomes more and more demanded on the market. OCCT ray tracing capabilities fit this trend exactly, and evolution of this functionality will continue.

And - contrary to any commercial CAD systems - OCCT ray tracing comes free of charge.

It would be interesting to hear from those who have already started using OCCT ray tracing in their applications.
I know that this is the case for some contributors, though there has not been much feedback regarding this since the first version of the ray tracer released with OCCT 6.7.0 and written in OpenCL.
Now that it is based on OpenGL/GLSL and runs on a wide range of graphic hardware from all GPU vendors (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel), it should be really an attractive option for application developers.

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