SSH key tab?

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Hello, I signed a CLA and submitted it last month. I wanted to clone the git repository but was unable to because I don't have a "SSH Keys" tab in my "My Account" section. Apologies if I am overlooking something, however I could not find any place to submit my SSH key.

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Sorry, your CLA has been overlooked

Hello Jacob,

I sincerely beg your pardon: it turns that your CLA has been overlooked and remained in the queue unprocessed. This is due to missed internal notification, apparently caused by reconfiguration of our servers that took place exactly the same days (Dec 15-17). We are still investigating the reason and will take care to avoid this kind of omissions in the future.

You will have "SSH keys" tab enabled and be able to get access to the Git repo as soon as your CLA is confirmed; you will be notified on that by mail.


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No problem, thanks for your

No problem, thanks for your quick response.

-Jake, a.k.a. thatcadguy

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