issue transparency / z-ordering OCC 6.8.0

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Hi All,

I'm having issues working with transparency in pythonocc, which is wrapping OCC 6.8.0.
In the image you see that the larger box is at 90% transparency, while the smaller darker grey shell lies within the box, but is rendered on top of it.

Is there a flag in ( V3d_View? ) that I need to set such that depth-sorting is performed / transparency is rendered correctly.
I dont recall having bumped into this issue in earlier OCC versions.



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Re: issue transparency

Hello Jelle,

I don't exactly understand what are you trying to do from description or from the screenshot, but here are two short-cuts:
- In general, transparent object should be displayed on top of opaque objects.
This might be achieved by handling priorities and Z-Layers in OCCT.
- Order-independent transparency is currently available only within Ray-Tracing output in OCCT. You might refer to the following feature request on a bug tracker #27716.

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