reading consistent Step files

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Hi , so i wrote a step to glb converter and tried it out on some step files and it works really well .
I then tried some more consistent files and found out that the STEPCAFControl_Reader class can't read them , i although found out that STEPControl_Reader can read them so i had the idea to convert the main step file to many sub files (and preserving the hierarchy) , convert them to glb and then merge the glb files .
Do you know if there is another way to do this ?
help would be really appreciated .

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It is unclear, on what kind

It is unclear, on what kind of STEP files you have issues - sharing a model may clarify this.

Regarding STEPControl_Reader/STEPCAFControl_Reader - they both rely on the same STEP reader, so that they should fail/not fail consistently. The latter one converts not only a geometry, but document structure. If it crashes / fails then it is probably a bug.

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Sharing the file and insights

It's an AP214 file but i don't think it's the answer you're searching for since i've tried lots of AP214 and they worked fine , i also removed some parts , exported to step and tried to convert and it worked fine .
a link to the file :
the file is made by Ahmed Brahem and shared on Grabcad , link :

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But these links have no STEP

But these links have no STEP files at all...

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My apologies . It turns out that i used compromised step files . The files i used were shared via microsoft teams . ( do Microsoft even do checksums .. )
My apologies again and thank you

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RE: Apologies

This brings up a good point about file serialization - does STEP include a checksum to ensure validity?

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