OCCT7.5.1 maintenance release

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We are pleased to inform you that we’ve prepared the first OCCT maintenance release (version 7.5.1) and are going to follow this approach on a regular basis. Starting from now, we plan to issue maintenance packs approximately once a quarter or even more frequently depending on the customers’ requests and our technical possibilities. See for details the next announce.
Sources of Open CASCADE Technology 7.5.1 are available under tag V7_5_1 of the OCCT repository.

Best regards,
Sergey Zaritchny,
Customer Support Manager

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Fresh tarball for 7.5.1?

Is it possible to also provide tarballs for maintenance releases, not only major releases?

And can these please be moved to a public accessible location, instead of a login protected one? Having these protected is a major inconvenience e.g. for automated infrastructures.

Thanks, Stefan

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Re: Fresh tarball for 7.5.1

Git repository is available without registration (for read-only access) and you can always download source code tarball from gitweb if for some reason you don't want using git client:

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Memory leak

//! have a Memory leak "myFMMgr"


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Re: Memory leak

That's not just a trivial memory leak - see bug report for details:


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