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People are regularly asking on the main OCC forum how to build OCCT on their (unsupported) platform. There are mainly two kind of replies:
* OCC answer is that they support only platforms listed in release notes.
* Community tries to help building on any platform

In OCE we made patches to fix portability issues. So the easiest solution, for instance to build with a newer FTGL, is to build OCE instead of OCC. So my question is: what should we reply to people asking for help (on OCC forum) about building OCCT?

1. Use a supported platform
2. Install OCE instead of OCC
3. Apply patches found on the forum

At the moment I am using answer 3, but this is frustrating because it may take several replies before user successfully builds OCCT, whereas answer 2 would need much less work for me. Is it acceptable to tell users to install OCE instead of OCCT on unsupported platforms?

P.S.: I did not know where to post this message, maybe we need an "Other" forum?

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Portability issues

Telling users to install OCE instead of OCCT because of portability issues goes a bit much against our project.

The best solution is surely to integrate as soon as possible into OCCT the patches fixing these portability issues.


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Okay, I will submit patches

Okay, I will submit patches soon, I have to port them to 6.5.2 first.

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