LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file - when compiling OCCT

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I was trying to compile the latest master (head at 0024007, IR-2013-07-04) and started getting the error as stated in the subject for the file: win64\vc9\obj\TKMesh\IntPoly_ShapeSection.obj.

This happens when I compile under Windows7 64bit / VS2008 SP1 / Release x64 version. Compiling Debug x64 works fine (I haven't tried the 32bit builds).

I suspect this is compiler error and has something to do either with the changes made in 24042 or 24053. Quite strange...

Does anyone experience similar behavior?


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I confirm the problem

Hello Pawel,

I confirm the problem: the VC 2009 64-bit compiler crashes while compiling IntPoly_ShapeSection.cxx, hence object file is broken. The fix for #24042 is clearly a reason -- that fix moved quite considerable fragments of code in TCollection_Array classes to inline functions, and obviously compiler is unable to handle this. We will create a separate issue for that.


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Just for the record, the problem has been registered as issue #24072 and fix has been integrated to master branch a few weeks ago.


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