How do i get a ticket closed that is assigned to me

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i receive regular e-mail that i need to take care of ticket 24906. I would like to close it. But i think i have not enough rights do it.
Thank you

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The usual way to close issue

The usual way to close issue is to change status to "feedback" and assign issue to bugmaster with proper note.

Ticket has been closed by Andrey.

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reassign ticket 25453

Now i got the same problem with ticket 25453. I receive daily remainders that i should take care of the issue, but i don't have enough rights to reassign it.

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Hello Sebastian,

I have closed #25453 and registered a new issue, #25502, to enable assignment


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Hi Sebastian, #25502 has been

Hi Sebastian,

#25502 has been solved, you are able to reassign issues


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