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iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 is the successor to the predecessor iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and it is expected that the new version will reach the market by 2016, according to Apple's usual patterns. These patterns may, however, be changes. In the development of the iPhone 7, there is of course focus on innovations and improvements over the previous versions. Here are reported all developments and you will be held under more aware of when the iPhone 7 will be launched. In addition, attention is paid to the price and technical specifications . iPhoneIPhone 6S Top deals! iPhone SE provider 1. vodafone Unlimited Wi 3mnd unlimited min | 1500 MB Free at € 42.00 p / mth 16GBiphone-icon Vodafone VIEW 2. tele2 100 min | 1000 MB Free at € 27.00 p / mth 64GBiphone-icon Mobiel.nl VIEW 3. tele2 100 min | 1000 MB Free at € 17.00 p / mth 16GBiphone-icon Gsmwijzer.nl: VIEW 4. tele2 100 min | 1000 MB Free at € 28.00 p / mth 16GBiphone-icon Typhone.nl VIEW 5. ben 200 min | 2000 MB Free at € 32.50 p / mth 4GBiphone-icon Ben.nl VIEW 6. t-mobile 120 min | 6000 MB Free at € 42.00 p / mth 16GBiphone-icon t-mobile.nl VIEW 7. tele2 100 min | 1000 MB Free at € 27.00 p / mth 4GBiphone-icon Phonehouse VIEW iphone 7 7 Release iPhone at Apple is considering the previous years practice to make the latest iPhone for sale in September. To the year will appear a completely new model in a new series, after which again follow an iPhone in the form of an S-model. If this pattern is followed this year, it still comes for the launch of the iPhone 7 S model of the iPhone 6 and will also be the iPhone 6s Plus true. There are rumors in the corridors that Apple will sail a different course and come directly to the issue of the new iPhone with a new design. If these rumors are true, then the new will still be on the market in 2015. If that is so, then chances are that you can get acquainted with the iPhone 7 in September 2015. Apple organizes for the announcement of a new iPhone always a media spectacle that followed everywhere in the world. During that event, the new device is presented and official release date will be announced. That is usually ten days after the event and begin sales in the United States, France and Germany. In the Netherlands we just come and Belgium later turn. iphone7-flat Implementation iPhone 7 expected to Niewe phone will soon be available in the same colors as those are known, such as silver, gold and space gray. It is possible that there is now a possibility for buying a different color, namely in rose gold. There is then jack found on the gold design of the Apple Watch Edition. It is also expected that the iPhone will be presented with a memory of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Specifications that the new iPhone a completely different design gets, should be expected. It is not known what the design will be, nor is there news brought out on parts. The expectations in the market show that it might be possible to iPhone7 wirelessly charge and that there is improved cooperation between the device and the Apple Watch. The camera will be improved as it now looks to. buy iphone 7 Speculations indicate a further picture of the latest handset from Apple and that is that it is suspected that an Apple A9 processor is added as an M9-coprocessor and a graphics chip that is faster than the current versions. It is also contemplated that there will be a screen of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. iOS 9 suspicion that the new device is equipped with iOS 9. The first details about it are known, and the focus is on improvements for use by consumers. You can think of new applications and improvements made ​​to the standard applications. Information about purchasing When the 7 presented by Apple in September, the date of sale shall also be published. The start of the sales fact does not begin on the day that the smartphone will be shown to the world, but just a little later. Moreover, it is true that consumers should wait a little longer in the Netherlands to buy the unit. The first release will take place namely in the United States, and the continued rollout takes place over the rest of the world and Europe. If we look at other years, when a new smartphone is presented in September, it can be expected that the fans in the Netherlands can go at the beginning of October to the Apple store to buy the phone in the store. Before the sale actually comes off in the App Store are already opportunities offered to make reservations or to make pre-orders use. Which provides for the fans in any event, the opportunity to be early assured of getting hands on time with the smartphone. Who wants to be assured of it, can certainly be advised to make use of the possibility to reserve the unit. iPhone_7-new By the time the new phone will be available, will be everywhere, and of course here be made aware of when reservation is possible. There are people who really sure to want to take caution and the day before the official start of sales going to spend a night in front of the Apple Store. There are several Apple Stores in the Netherlands, so that we can still choose which door spent the night, for example, in Amsterdam, Haarlem or The Hague. Ordering With regard to the order several options are available. It is for instance obvious to do so directly from an Apple Store. The suggested retail price is obviously not yet known and leave the selling price. It is true that there will be a number of online stores that make the smartphone for just a little lower price sale. Who can not put the money at once on the table to get their hands on the latest Apple smartphone in early October, can use another option. The providers in the Netherlands, namely the opportunity to take out a subscription. The device will be offered at a monthly fee that is included in the price of the subscription. Eventually, there is still also paid for the device, but with the advantage that there does not have to be placed a large amount on the table at one time. Who does have the amount available, obviously can redeem the unit and try to find the best SIM-only subscription. Mobile subscription receive a smartphone in combination with a subscription is obviously a great deal for many people. Providers like to see new customers to themselves forward and are therefore attractive offers available. In general, for the purchase of an Apple device in combination with a subscription to the opportunity for a subscription period of twenty four months and twelve months, of course, also part of the options. It is still the question of which provider the subscription will soon be closed in conjunction with the acquisition of the iPhone. There are several providers that offer this combination and in that context the weather is obvious to go here to find the best deal. That is certainly recommended, because there will be an agreement for twelve or twenty-four months. Comparing providers is easy, because after the phone has been presented and is known in which data can be reserved, the providers come soon with the best offers. These offers an iPhone 7 are from different providers then shown with subscription so simple can make a comparison. It is advisable to follow developments here and here the news closely and to be the first informed to get the best deals. Will you write below our pre-order alert! Newsflash: -iPhone 7 gets borderless screen -He is as thin as the iPod Touch -4K resolution screen expects -Release mid-October 2016 expected -Double speakers expected -Double camera lenses expected Specifications and expectations a bit at a glance: • Silver, gold, space gray and probably rose gold • 16GB, 64GB and 128GB • From price of about 749 euros • Release iPhone 7 in October 2016 • iOS10, A10 processor and M10 movement processor • Enhanced 12MP camera • Design will almost are the same as the iPhone 6S Plus • Wireless charging, dust and water resistant • Dual camera lenses • Headphones anal expression: Apple's Lightning connector Our partners: Gsmwijzer NL | Thypone | Simple | Simyo | Kpn | Mobiel.nl | Tele2 | Belsimpel | Gsmweb | Ben | Vodafone <a href="http://www.buyiphone7.org/">iPhone 7</a>
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