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At Harmony Place, we view the therapeutic alliance as a valued relationship that provides our clients with a trusted and objective ally in the recovery process. Traditional talk therapy, group therapy and psychoeducational groups with a curriculum theoretically rooted in the four core concepts of DBT skills training provide the foundation of our clinical philosophy. Integrating evidenced-based therapy with alternative holistic modalities focuses treatment on the whole person, rather than just the addiction, and is an effective resource in determining the meaning of the symptom. Get more info our Los Angeles Rehab or please visit our website. When you come to Harmony Place Detox Treatment Center Los Angeles, We also only care for 12 clients at a time, which allows us to provide an extremely high degree of individual care. We can provide the foundation for building confidence and self-esteem, Transitional Living Home Los Angeles is a place where clients practice the art of living with less restriction. Address :- 23041 Hatteras St., Woodland Hills, CA, 91367, USA Phone :- 888-789-4330
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