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We do not ask families for anything to learn more about our treatment centers, more about alcohol and drug Alcohol Treatment St Louis, or develop a better understanding of what their loved on is going through. We provide individual addiction Counseling Services St Louis to help the patient with their treatment and recovery by providing knowledge and insight into their addiction better preparing them to maintain sobriety. Family counseling is for loved ones affected by the disease of alcohol and drug addiction and provides them with their own help, as well as, insight into how they can better assist the patient in recovery. Group counseling provides social support and psycho-education for individual’s dealing with similar struggles and is led by one of our addiction counselors all at our St. Louis alcohol treatment program. Our Midwest Institute for Addiction treatment rehab center services offer our patients comprehensive solutions to overcome their addiction. Address : 711 Old Ballas Rd #203, St. Louis, MO 63141, USA Ph : 314-569-2253
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