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The goal of the Balance Ketamine Clinics Chicago - ketamine Infusion Therapy For Treatment is to provide customized, high-quality care and counseling for people suffering from afflictions where ketamine infusions for depression have proved to be a successful treatment choice. Adults age 18 and over who suffer from severe depression and have not had success with traditional treatments for depression are eligible for ketamine treatment. Treatment ketamine for chronic pain requires significantly higher doses of ketamine with infusions of much longer duration (2-3 hours) hence, the cost of these is higher. Once you hit your deductible, subsequent visits will ketamine treatment cost only $175. Mood disorders are treated with a series of 6 infusions, each lasting an hour, over a 3 week period. - Address : 1601 W Division St Suite A, Chicago, IL 60622 - Tel : 773-227-3669
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