Open CASCADE Technology  6.7.1

Building with MS Visual C++

This file describes steps to build OCCT libraries from complete source archive on Windows with MS Visual C++.

If you are building OCCT from bare sources (as in Git repository), or do some changes affecting CDL files, you need to use WOK to re-generate header files and build scripts / projects. See Using WOK for instructions.

Before building OCCT, you need to install required third-party libraries; see paragraph 1 of Building OCCT from sources for instructions.

  1. Edit file custom.bat to define environment:
    • VCVER - version of Visual Studio (vc8, vc9, vc10, vc11 or vc12), and relevant VCVARS path
    • ARCH - architecture (32 or 64), affects only PATH variable for execution
    • HAVE_* - flags to enable or disable use of optional third-party products
    • CSF_OPT_* - paths to search for includes and binaries of all used third-party products
  2. Launch msvc.bat to start Visual Studio with all necessary environment variables defined.

    Note: the MSVC project files are located in folders adm\msvc\vc[9-12]. Binaries are produced in win32 or win64 folders.

  3. Build with Visual Studio

To start DRAW, launch draw.bat.