Open CASCADE Technology  7.3.0
Macros | Typedefs

Standard_TypeDef.hxx File Reference

#include <cstddef>
#include <ctime>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <Standard_Macro.hxx>


#define Standard_False   false
#define Standard_True   true


typedef int Standard_Integer
typedef double Standard_Real
typedef bool Standard_Boolean
typedef float Standard_ShortReal
typedef char Standard_Character
typedef unsigned char Standard_Byte
typedef void * Standard_Address
typedef size_t Standard_Size
typedef std::time_t Standard_Time
typedef char Standard_Utf8Char
 signed UTF-8 char More...
typedef unsigned char Standard_Utf8UChar
 unsigned UTF-8 char More...
typedef char16_t Standard_ExtCharacter
typedef char16_t Standard_Utf16Char
 UTF-16 char (always unsigned) More...
typedef char32_t Standard_Utf32Char
 UTF-32 char (always unsigned) More...
typedef wchar_t Standard_WideChar
 wide char (unsigned UTF-16 on Windows platform and signed UTF-32 on Linux) More...
typedef const Standard_CharacterStandard_CString
typedef const Standard_ExtCharacterStandard_ExtString

Macro Definition Documentation



◆ Standard_False

#define Standard_False   false

◆ Standard_True

#define Standard_True   true

Typedef Documentation

◆ Standard_Address

typedef void* Standard_Address

◆ Standard_Boolean

typedef bool Standard_Boolean

◆ Standard_Byte

typedef unsigned char Standard_Byte

◆ Standard_Character

typedef char Standard_Character

◆ Standard_CString

◆ Standard_ExtCharacter

typedef char16_t Standard_ExtCharacter

◆ Standard_ExtString

◆ Standard_Integer

typedef int Standard_Integer

◆ Standard_Real

typedef double Standard_Real

◆ Standard_ShortReal

typedef float Standard_ShortReal

◆ Standard_Size

typedef size_t Standard_Size

◆ Standard_Time

typedef std::time_t Standard_Time

◆ Standard_Utf16Char

typedef char16_t Standard_Utf16Char

UTF-16 char (always unsigned)

◆ Standard_Utf32Char

typedef char32_t Standard_Utf32Char

UTF-32 char (always unsigned)

◆ Standard_Utf8Char

typedef char Standard_Utf8Char

signed UTF-8 char

◆ Standard_Utf8UChar

typedef unsigned char Standard_Utf8UChar

unsigned UTF-8 char

◆ Standard_WideChar

typedef wchar_t Standard_WideChar

wide char (unsigned UTF-16 on Windows platform and signed UTF-32 on Linux)