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NCollection_StdAllocator< void > Class Template Reference

Implements specialization NCollection_StdAllocator<void>. More...

#include <NCollection_StdAllocator.hxx>

Data Structures

struct  rebind

Public Types

typedef void * pointer
typedef const void * const_pointer
typedef void value_type

Public Member Functions

 NCollection_StdAllocator ()
 Constructor. More...
 NCollection_StdAllocator (const Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocator > &theAlloc)
 Constructor. More...
 NCollection_StdAllocator (const NCollection_StdAllocator &X)
 Constructor. More...
const Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocator > & Allocator () const
 Returns an underlying NCollection_BaseAllocator instance. More...
NCollection_StdAllocatoroperator= (const NCollection_StdAllocator &X)
 Assignment operator. More...

Protected Attributes

Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocatormyAlloc

Detailed Description

class NCollection_StdAllocator< void >

Implements specialization NCollection_StdAllocator<void>.

Specialization is of low value and should normally be avoided in favor of a typed specialization.

Example of use:

NCollection_StdAllocator<void> aVAlloc (anIncAlloc);
std::vector<double, NCollection_StdAllocator<double> > aV3 (aVAlloc);
aV3.push_back (10.);

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ const_pointer

typedef const void* NCollection_StdAllocator< void >::const_pointer

◆ pointer

typedef void* NCollection_StdAllocator< void >::pointer

◆ value_type

typedef void NCollection_StdAllocator< void >::value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NCollection_StdAllocator() [1/3]


Creates an object using default Open CASCADE allocation mechanism, i.e. which uses Standard::Allocate() and Standard::Free() underneath.

◆ NCollection_StdAllocator() [2/3]


Saves theAlloc as an underlying allocator instance.

◆ NCollection_StdAllocator() [3/3]


Copies Allocator() from X.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Allocator()

const Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocator >& NCollection_StdAllocator< void >::Allocator ( ) const

Returns an underlying NCollection_BaseAllocator instance.

Returns an object specified in the constructor.

◆ operator=()

NCollection_StdAllocator& NCollection_StdAllocator< void >::operator= ( const NCollection_StdAllocator< void > &  X)

Assignment operator.

Field Documentation

◆ myAlloc

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