Open CASCADE Technology  7.6.0
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ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea Class Reference

Divides faces from sprcified shape by max area criterium. More...

#include <ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea ()
 ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
 Initialize by a Shape. More...
Standard_RealMaxArea ()
 Set max area allowed for faces. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide
 ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide ()
 ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
 Initialize by a Shape. More...
void Init (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
 Initialize by a Shape. More...
virtual ~ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide ()
void SetPrecision (const Standard_Real Prec)
 Defines the spatial precision used for splitting. More...
void SetMaxTolerance (const Standard_Real maxtol)
 Sets maximal allowed tolerance. More...
void SetMinTolerance (const Standard_Real mintol)
 Sets minimal allowed tolerance. More...
void SetSurfaceSegmentMode (const Standard_Boolean Segment)
 Purpose sets mode for trimming (segment) surface by wire UV bounds. More...
virtual Standard_Boolean Perform (const Standard_Boolean newContext=Standard_True)
 Performs splitting and computes the resulting shape If newContext is True (default), the internal context will be cleared at start, else previous substitutions will be acting. More...
TopoDS_Shape Result () const
 Gives the resulting Shape, or Null shape if not done. More...
Handle< ShapeBuild_ReShapeGetContext () const
 Returns context with all the modifications made during last call(s) to Perform() recorded. More...
void SetContext (const Handle< ShapeBuild_ReShape > &context)
 Sets context with recorded modifications to be applied during next call(s) to Perform(shape,Standard_False) More...
virtual void SetMsgRegistrator (const Handle< ShapeExtend_BasicMsgRegistrator > &msgreg)
 Sets message registrator. More...
Handle< ShapeExtend_BasicMsgRegistratorMsgRegistrator () const
 Returns message registrator. More...
void SendMsg (const TopoDS_Shape &shape, const Message_Msg &message, const Message_Gravity gravity=Message_Info) const
 Sends a message to be attached to the shape. Calls corresponding message of message registrator. More...
Standard_Boolean Status (const ShapeExtend_Status status) const
 Queries the status of last call to Perform OK : no splitting was done (or no call to Perform) DONE1: some edges were split DONE2: surface was split FAIL1: some errors occurred. More...
void SetSplitFaceTool (const Handle< ShapeUpgrade_FaceDivide > &splitFaceTool)
 Sets the tool for splitting faces. More...
void SetEdgeMode (const Standard_Integer aEdgeMode)
 Sets mode for splitting 3d curves from edges. 0 - only curve 3d from free edges. 1 - only curve 3d from shared edges. 2 - all curve 3d. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual Handle< ShapeUpgrade_FaceDivideGetSplitFaceTool () const override
 Returns the tool for splitting faces. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide
virtual Message_Msg GetFaceMsg () const
virtual Message_Msg GetWireMsg () const
virtual Message_Msg GetEdgeMsg () const
 Returns a message decsribing modification of a shape. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide
Handle< ShapeBuild_ReShapemyContext
Handle< ShapeExtend_BasicMsgRegistratormyMsgReg
TopoDS_Shape myShape
TopoDS_Shape myResult
Standard_Real myPrecision
Standard_Real myMinTol
Standard_Real myMaxTol
Standard_Boolean mySegmentMode
Standard_Integer myStatus
Standard_Integer myEdgeMode

Detailed Description

Divides faces from sprcified shape by max area criterium.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea() [1/2]

ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea::ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea ( )

◆ ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea() [2/2]

ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea::ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea ( const TopoDS_Shape S)

Initialize by a Shape.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSplitFaceTool()

virtual Handle< ShapeUpgrade_FaceDivide > ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea::GetSplitFaceTool ( ) const

Returns the tool for splitting faces.

Reimplemented from ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivide.

◆ MaxArea()

Standard_Real& ShapeUpgrade_ShapeDivideArea::MaxArea ( )

Set max area allowed for faces.

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