Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0
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BVH_BinnedBuilder.hxx File Reference

#include <BVH_QueueBuilder.hxx>
#include <algorithm>
#include <limits>

Data Structures

struct  BVH_Bin< T, N >
 Stores parameters of single bin (slice of AABB). More...
class  BVH_BinnedBuilder< T, N, Bins >
 Performs construction of BVH tree using binned SAH algorithm. Number of bins controls BVH quality in cost of construction time (greater - better). For optimal results, use 32 - 48 bins. However, reasonable performance is provided even for 4 - 8 bins (it is only 10-20% lower in comparison with optimal settings). Note that multiple threads can be used only with thread safe BVH primitive sets. More...
struct  BVH_BinnedBuilder< T, N, Bins >::BVH_SplitPlane
 Describes split plane candidate. More...
struct  BVH::BVH_AxisSelector< T, N >
struct  BVH::BVH_AxisSelector< T, 2 >




template<class T , int N>
Standard_Integer BVH::SplitPrimitives (BVH_Set< T, N > *theSet, const BVH_Box< T, N > &theBox, const Standard_Integer theBeg, const Standard_Integer theEnd, const Standard_Integer theBin, const Standard_Integer theAxis, const Standard_Integer theBins)