Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0

ChFiDS_ChamfMode.hxx File Reference


enum  ChFiDS_ChamfMode { ChFiDS_ClassicChamfer , ChFiDS_ConstThroatChamfer , ChFiDS_ConstThroatWithPenetrationChamfer }
 this enumeration defines several modes of chamfer More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ChFiDS_ChamfMode

this enumeration defines several modes of chamfer


chamfer with constant distance from spine to one of the two surfaces


symmetric chamfer with constant throat that is the height of isosceles triangle in section


chamfer with constant throat: the section of chamfer is right-angled triangle, the first of two surfaces (where is the top of the chamfer) is virtually moved inside the solid by offset operation, the apex of the section is on the intersection curve between moved surface and second surface, right angle is at the top of the chamfer, the length of the leg from apex to top is constant - it is throat