Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0
Data Structures

Select3D_SensitiveSet.hxx File Reference

#include <BVH_PrimitiveSet3d.hxx>
#include <Select3D_BVHBuilder3d.hxx>
#include <Select3D_SensitiveEntity.hxx>

Data Structures

class  Select3D_SensitiveSet
 This class is base class for handling overlap detection of complex sensitive entities. It provides an interface for building BVH tree for some set of entities. Thereby, each iteration of overlap detection is a traverse of BVH tree in fact. To use speed-up hierarchical structure in a custom complex sensitive entity, it is necessary to make that custom entity a descendant of this class and organize sub-entities in some container which allows referencing to elements by index. Note that methods taking index as a parameter are used for BVH build and the range of given index is [0; Size() - 1]. For example of usage see Select3D_SensitiveTriangulation. More...
class  Select3D_SensitiveSet::BvhPrimitiveSet
 The purpose of this class is to provide a link between BVH_PrimitiveSet and Select3D_SensitiveSet instance to build BVH tree for set of sensitives. More...