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StepVisual_MarkerSelect Class Reference

#include <StepVisual_MarkerSelect.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 StepVisual_MarkerSelect ()
 Returns a MarkerSelect SelectType. More...
Standard_Integer CaseNum (const Handle< Standard_Transient > &ent) const override
 Recognizes a MarkerSelect Kind Entity that is : 0 else. More...
virtual Handle< StepData_SelectMemberNewMember () const override
 Returns a new MarkerMember. More...
virtual Standard_Integer CaseMem (const Handle< StepData_SelectMember > &sm) const override
 Returns 1 for a SelectMember enum, named MARKER_TYPE. More...
Handle< StepVisual_MarkerMemberMarkerMember () const
 Gives access to the MarkerMember in order to get/set its value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from StepData_SelectType
Standard_Boolean Matches (const Handle< Standard_Transient > &ent) const
 Returns True if the Type of an Entity complies with the definition list of the SelectType. Also checks for a SelectMember Default Implementation looks for CaseNum or CaseMem positive. More...
void SetValue (const Handle< Standard_Transient > &ent)
 Stores an Entity. This allows to define a specific SelectType class with one read method per member Type, which returns the Value casted with the good Type. More...
void Nullify ()
 Nullifies the Stored Entity. More...
const Handle< Standard_Transient > & Value () const
 Returns the Stored Entity. Can be used to define specific read methods (see above) More...
Standard_Boolean IsNull () const
 Returns True if there is no Stored Entity (i.e. it is Null) More...
Handle< Standard_TypeType () const
 Returns the Effective (Dynamic) Type of the Stored Entity If it is Null, returns TYPE(Transient) More...
Standard_Integer CaseNumber () const
 Recognizes the Type of the stored Entity, or zero if it is Null or SelectMember. Calls the first method CaseNum on Value. More...
virtual Handle< StepData_PDescrDescription () const
 Returns the Description which corresponds to <me> Null if no specific description to give. This description is used to control reading an check validity. Default returns a Null Handle, i.e. undefined description It can suffice if CaseNum and CaseMem give enough control. More...
Standard_Integer CaseMember () const
 Returns the Type of the stored SelectMember, or zero if it is Null or Entity. Calls the method CaseMem on Value. More...
Handle< StepData_SelectMemberMember () const
 Returns Value as a SelectMember. Null if not a SelectMember. More...
Standard_CString SelectName () const
 Returns the type name of SelectMember. If no SelectMember or with no type name, returns an empty string To change it, pass through the SelectMember itself. More...
Standard_Integer Int () const
 This internal method gives access to a value implemented by an Integer (to read it) More...
void SetInt (const Standard_Integer val)
 This internal method gives access to a value implemented by an Integer (to set it) : a SelectMember MUST ALREADY BE THERE ! More...
Standard_Integer Integer () const
 Gets the value as an Integer. More...
void SetInteger (const Standard_Integer val, const Standard_CString name="")
 Sets a new Integer value, with an optional type name Warning : If a SelectMember is already set, works on it : value and name must then be accepted by this SelectMember. More...
Standard_Boolean Boolean () const
void SetBoolean (const Standard_Boolean val, const Standard_CString name="")
StepData_Logical Logical () const
void SetLogical (const StepData_Logical val, const Standard_CString name="")
Standard_Real Real () const
void SetReal (const Standard_Real val, const Standard_CString name="")
virtual ~StepData_SelectType ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StepVisual_MarkerSelect::StepVisual_MarkerSelect ( )

Returns a MarkerSelect SelectType.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Standard_Integer StepVisual_MarkerSelect::CaseMem ( const Handle< StepData_SelectMember > &  sm) const

Returns 1 for a SelectMember enum, named MARKER_TYPE.

Reimplemented from StepData_SelectType.

Standard_Integer StepVisual_MarkerSelect::CaseNum ( const Handle< Standard_Transient > &  ent) const

Recognizes a MarkerSelect Kind Entity that is : 0 else.

Implements StepData_SelectType.

Handle< StepVisual_MarkerMember > StepVisual_MarkerSelect::MarkerMember ( ) const

Gives access to the MarkerMember in order to get/set its value.

virtual Handle< StepData_SelectMember > StepVisual_MarkerSelect::NewMember ( ) const

Returns a new MarkerMember.

Reimplemented from StepData_SelectType.

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