Open CASCADE Technology  7.3.0
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NCollection_UBTree.hxx File Reference

#include <NCollection_BaseAllocator.hxx>
#include <NCollection_DefineAlloc.hxx>

Data Structures

class  NCollection_UBTree< TheObjType, TheBndType >
class  NCollection_UBTree< TheObjType, TheBndType >::Selector
 Memory allocation. More...
class  NCollection_UBTree< TheObjType, TheBndType >::TreeNode



Macro Definition Documentation



Declaration of handled version of NCollection_UBTree. In the macros below the arguments are: _HUBTREE - the desired name of handled class _OBJTYPE - the name of the object type _BNDTYPE - the name of the bounding box type _HPARENT - the name of parent class (usually Standard_Transient)