Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

AdvApp2Var_Patch Class Reference

used to store results on a domain [Ui,Ui+1]x[Vj,Vj+1] More...

#include <AdvApp2Var_Patch.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 AdvApp2Var_Patch ()
 AdvApp2Var_Patch (const Standard_Real U0, const Standard_Real U1, const Standard_Real V0, const Standard_Real V1, const Standard_Integer iu, const Standard_Integer iv)
Standard_Boolean IsDiscretised () const
void Discretise (const AdvApp2Var_Context &Conditions, const AdvApp2Var_Framework &Constraints, const AdvApp2Var_EvaluatorFunc2Var &func)
Standard_Boolean IsApproximated () const
Standard_Boolean HasResult () const
void MakeApprox (const AdvApp2Var_Context &Conditions, const AdvApp2Var_Framework &Constraints, const Standard_Integer NumDec)
void AddConstraints (const AdvApp2Var_Context &Conditions, const AdvApp2Var_Framework &Constraints)
void AddErrors (const AdvApp2Var_Framework &Constraints)
void ChangeDomain (const Standard_Real a, const Standard_Real b, const Standard_Real c, const Standard_Real d)
void ResetApprox ()
void OverwriteApprox ()
Standard_Real U0 () const
Standard_Real U1 () const
Standard_Real V0 () const
Standard_Real V1 () const
Standard_Integer UOrder () const
Standard_Integer VOrder () const
Standard_Integer CutSense () const
Standard_Integer CutSense (const AdvApp2Var_Criterion &Crit, const Standard_Integer NumDec) const
Standard_Integer NbCoeffInU () const
Standard_Integer NbCoeffInV () const
void ChangeNbCoeff (const Standard_Integer NbCoeffU, const Standard_Integer NbCoeffV)
Handle< TColgp_HArray2OfPntPoles (const Standard_Integer SSPIndex, const AdvApp2Var_Context &Conditions) const
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfRealCoefficients (const Standard_Integer SSPIndex, const AdvApp2Var_Context &Conditions) const
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfRealMaxErrors () const
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfRealAverageErrors () const
Handle< TColStd_HArray2OfRealIsoErrors () const
Standard_Real CritValue () const
void SetCritValue (const Standard_Real dist)

Detailed Description

used to store results on a domain [Ui,Ui+1]x[Vj,Vj+1]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AdvApp2Var_Patch::AdvApp2Var_Patch ( )
AdvApp2Var_Patch::AdvApp2Var_Patch ( const Standard_Real  U0,
const Standard_Real  U1,
const Standard_Real  V0,
const Standard_Real  V1,
const Standard_Integer  iu,
const Standard_Integer  iv 

Member Function Documentation

void AdvApp2Var_Patch::AddConstraints ( const AdvApp2Var_Context Conditions,
const AdvApp2Var_Framework Constraints 
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::AddErrors ( const AdvApp2Var_Framework Constraints)
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfReal > AdvApp2Var_Patch::AverageErrors ( ) const
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::ChangeDomain ( const Standard_Real  a,
const Standard_Real  b,
const Standard_Real  c,
const Standard_Real  d 
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::ChangeNbCoeff ( const Standard_Integer  NbCoeffU,
const Standard_Integer  NbCoeffV 
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfReal > AdvApp2Var_Patch::Coefficients ( const Standard_Integer  SSPIndex,
const AdvApp2Var_Context Conditions 
) const
Standard_Real AdvApp2Var_Patch::CritValue ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::CutSense ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::CutSense ( const AdvApp2Var_Criterion Crit,
const Standard_Integer  NumDec 
) const
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::Discretise ( const AdvApp2Var_Context Conditions,
const AdvApp2Var_Framework Constraints,
const AdvApp2Var_EvaluatorFunc2Var func 
Standard_Boolean AdvApp2Var_Patch::HasResult ( ) const
Standard_Boolean AdvApp2Var_Patch::IsApproximated ( ) const
Standard_Boolean AdvApp2Var_Patch::IsDiscretised ( ) const
Handle< TColStd_HArray2OfReal > AdvApp2Var_Patch::IsoErrors ( ) const
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::MakeApprox ( const AdvApp2Var_Context Conditions,
const AdvApp2Var_Framework Constraints,
const Standard_Integer  NumDec 
Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfReal > AdvApp2Var_Patch::MaxErrors ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::NbCoeffInU ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::NbCoeffInV ( ) const
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::OverwriteApprox ( )
Handle< TColgp_HArray2OfPnt > AdvApp2Var_Patch::Poles ( const Standard_Integer  SSPIndex,
const AdvApp2Var_Context Conditions 
) const
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::ResetApprox ( )
void AdvApp2Var_Patch::SetCritValue ( const Standard_Real  dist)
Standard_Real AdvApp2Var_Patch::U0 ( ) const
Standard_Real AdvApp2Var_Patch::U1 ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::UOrder ( ) const
Standard_Real AdvApp2Var_Patch::V0 ( ) const
Standard_Real AdvApp2Var_Patch::V1 ( ) const
Standard_Integer AdvApp2Var_Patch::VOrder ( ) const

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