Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute Class Reference

#include <AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute (const AppDef_MultiLine &SSP, const Standard_Integer FirstPoint, const Standard_Integer LastPoint, const Handle< AppParCurves_HArray1OfConstraintCouple > &TheConstraints, math_Vector &Parameters, const Standard_Integer Deg, const Standard_Real Tol3d, const Standard_Real Tol2d, const Standard_Integer NbIterations=200)
Standard_Boolean IsDone () const
AppParCurves_MultiCurve Value () const
Standard_Real Error (const Standard_Integer Index) const
Standard_Real MaxError3d () const
Standard_Real MaxError2d () const
Standard_Real AverageError () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute ( const AppDef_MultiLine SSP,
const Standard_Integer  FirstPoint,
const Standard_Integer  LastPoint,
const Handle< AppParCurves_HArray1OfConstraintCouple > &  TheConstraints,
math_Vector Parameters,
const Standard_Integer  Deg,
const Standard_Real  Tol3d,
const Standard_Real  Tol2d,
const Standard_Integer  NbIterations = 200 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Real AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::AverageError ( ) const
Standard_Real AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::Error ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
Standard_Boolean AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::IsDone ( ) const
Standard_Real AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::MaxError2d ( ) const
Standard_Real AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::MaxError3d ( ) const
AppParCurves_MultiCurve AppDef_MyGradientOfCompute::Value ( ) const

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