Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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BOPDS_InterfEF Class Reference

#include <BOPDS_Interf.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 BOPDS_InterfEF ()
const IntTools_CommonPrtCommonPart () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BOPDS_Interf
void SetIndices (const Standard_Integer theIndex1, const Standard_Integer theIndex2)
void Indices (Standard_Integer &theIndex1, Standard_Integer &theIndex2) const
void SetIndex1 (const Standard_Integer theIndex)
void SetIndex2 (const Standard_Integer theIndex)
Standard_Integer Index1 () const
Standard_Integer Index2 () const
Standard_Integer OppositeIndex (const Standard_Integer theI) const
Standard_Boolean Contains (const Standard_Integer theIndex) const
void SetIndexNew (const Standard_Integer theIndex)
Standard_Integer IndexNew () const
Standard_Boolean HasIndexNew (Standard_Integer &theIndex) const
Standard_Boolean HasIndexNew () const

Data Fields

 __pad0__: BOPDS_Interf(theAllocator) { } virtual ~BOPDS_InterfEF() { } void SetCommonPart(const IntTools_CommonPrt& theCP){ myCommonPart=theCP

Protected Attributes

IntTools_CommonPrt myCommonPart
- Protected Attributes inherited from BOPDS_Interf
Standard_Integer myIndex1
Standard_Integer myIndex2
Standard_Integer myIndexNew
Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocatormyAllocator

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from BOPDS_Interf
 BOPDS_Interf ()
 BOPDS_Interf (const Handle< NCollection_BaseAllocator > &theAllocator)
virtual ~BOPDS_Interf ()

Detailed Description

The class BOPDS_InterfEF is is to store the information about the interference of the type edge/face. The class BOPDS_InterfFF is is to store the information about the interference of the type face/face.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BOPDS_InterfEF::BOPDS_InterfEF ( )


Member Function Documentation

const IntTools_CommonPrt& BOPDS_InterfEF::CommonPart ( ) const

Selector Returns the info of common part

common part

Field Documentation



theAllocatorallocator to manage the memory Constructor
theAllocatorallocator to manage the memory
IntTools_CommonPrt BOPDS_InterfEF::myCommonPart

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