Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

BRepBlend_CSWalking Class Reference

#include <BRepBlend_CSWalking.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 BRepBlend_CSWalking (const Handle< Adaptor3d_HCurve > &Curv, const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &Surf, const Handle< Adaptor3d_TopolTool > &Domain)
void Perform (Blend_CSFunction &F, const Standard_Real Pdep, const Standard_Real Pmax, const Standard_Real MaxStep, const Standard_Real TolGuide, const math_Vector &Soldep, const Standard_Real Tolesp, const Standard_Real Fleche, const Standard_Boolean Appro=Standard_False)
Standard_Boolean Complete (Blend_CSFunction &F, const Standard_Real Pmin)
Standard_Boolean IsDone () const
const Handle< BRepBlend_Line > & Line () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BRepBlend_CSWalking::BRepBlend_CSWalking ( const Handle< Adaptor3d_HCurve > &  Curv,
const Handle< Adaptor3d_HSurface > &  Surf,
const Handle< Adaptor3d_TopolTool > &  Domain 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean BRepBlend_CSWalking::Complete ( Blend_CSFunction F,
const Standard_Real  Pmin 
Standard_Boolean BRepBlend_CSWalking::IsDone ( ) const
const Handle< BRepBlend_Line >& BRepBlend_CSWalking::Line ( ) const
void BRepBlend_CSWalking::Perform ( Blend_CSFunction F,
const Standard_Real  Pdep,
const Standard_Real  Pmax,
const Standard_Real  MaxStep,
const Standard_Real  TolGuide,
const math_Vector Soldep,
const Standard_Real  Tolesp,
const Standard_Real  Fleche,
const Standard_Boolean  Appro = Standard_False 

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