Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Static Public Member Functions

BinDrivers Class Reference

#include <BinDrivers.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static Handle< Standard_TransientFactory (const Standard_GUID &theGUID)
static Handle
< BinMDF_ADriverTable
AttributeDrivers (const Handle< CDM_MessageDriver > &MsgDrv)
 Creates the table of drivers of types supported. More...
static TCollection_AsciiString StorageVersion ()
 returns "1" More...

Member Function Documentation

static Handle< BinMDF_ADriverTable > BinDrivers::AttributeDrivers ( const Handle< CDM_MessageDriver > &  MsgDrv)

Creates the table of drivers of types supported.

static Handle< Standard_Transient > BinDrivers::Factory ( const Standard_GUID theGUID)
static TCollection_AsciiString BinDrivers::StorageVersion ( )

returns "1"

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