Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo Class Reference

#include <Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo (const Standard_Integer NbBuckets=1)
Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfoAssign (const Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo &Other)
Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfooperator= (const Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo &Other)
void ReSize (const Standard_Integer NbBuckets)
void Clear ()
 ~Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo ()
Standard_Boolean Bind (const TopoDS_Vertex &K, const Draft_VertexInfo &I)
Standard_Boolean IsBound (const TopoDS_Vertex &K) const
Standard_Boolean UnBind (const TopoDS_Vertex &K)
const Draft_VertexInfoFind (const TopoDS_Vertex &K) const
const Draft_VertexInfooperator() (const TopoDS_Vertex &K) const
Draft_VertexInfoChangeFind (const TopoDS_Vertex &K)
Draft_VertexInfooperator() (const TopoDS_Vertex &K)
Standard_Address Find1 (const TopoDS_Vertex &K) const
Standard_Address ChangeFind1 (const TopoDS_Vertex &K)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TCollection_BasicMap
Standard_Integer NbBuckets () const
 Returns the number of buckets in <me>. More...
Standard_Integer Extent () const
 Returns the number of keys already stored in <me>. More...
Standard_Boolean IsEmpty () const
 Returns True when the map contains no keys. This is exactly Extent() == 0. More...
void Statistics (Standard_OStream &S) const
 Prints on <S> usefull statistics about the map <me>. It can be used to test the quality of the hashcoding. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TCollection_BasicMap
 TCollection_BasicMap (const Standard_Integer NbBuckets, const Standard_Boolean single)
 Initialize the map. Single is True when the map uses only one table of buckets. More...
Standard_Boolean BeginResize (const Standard_Integer NbBuckets, Standard_Integer &NewBuckets, Standard_Address &data1, Standard_Address &data2) const
 Tries to resize the Map with NbBuckets. Returns True if possible, NewBuckts is the new nuber of buckets. data1 and data2 are the new tables of buckets where the data must be copied. More...
void EndResize (const Standard_Integer NbBuckets, const Standard_Integer NewBuckets, const Standard_Address data1, const Standard_Address data2)
 If BeginResize was succesfull after copying the data to data1 and data2 this methods update the tables and destroys the old ones. More...
Standard_Boolean Resizable () const
 Returns True if resizing the map should be considered. More...
void Increment ()
 Decrement the extent of the map. More...
void Decrement ()
 Decrement the extent of the map. More...
void Destroy ()
 Destroys the buckets. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TCollection_BasicMap
Standard_Address myData1
Standard_Address myData2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo ( const Standard_Integer  NbBuckets = 1)
Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::~Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Assign ( const Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo Other)
Standard_Boolean Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Bind ( const TopoDS_Vertex K,
const Draft_VertexInfo I 
Draft_VertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::ChangeFind ( const TopoDS_Vertex K)
Standard_Address Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::ChangeFind1 ( const TopoDS_Vertex K)
void Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Clear ( )
const Draft_VertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Find ( const TopoDS_Vertex K) const
Standard_Address Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::Find1 ( const TopoDS_Vertex K) const
Standard_Boolean Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::IsBound ( const TopoDS_Vertex K) const
const Draft_VertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::operator() ( const TopoDS_Vertex K) const
Draft_VertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::operator() ( const TopoDS_Vertex K)
Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo& Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::operator= ( const Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo Other)
void Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::ReSize ( const Standard_Integer  NbBuckets)
Standard_Boolean Draft_DataMapOfVertexVertexInfo::UnBind ( const TopoDS_Vertex K)

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