Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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Graphic3d_CView Class Reference

#include <Graphic3d_CView.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 Graphic3d_CView ()

Data Fields

int WsId
int ViewId
void * ptrView
int IsDeleted
int IsOpen
int Active
void * ptrUnderLayer
void * ptrOverLayer
int Backfacing
Aspect_RenderingContext GContext
Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc GDisplayCB
void * GClientData
void * ptrFBO
int WasRedrawnGL
 Was the window redrawn by standard OpenGL? More...
Graphic3d_RenderingParams RenderParams
 Specifies rendering parameters and effects. More...
Standard_Boolean IsCullingEnabled
 Enables/disables frustum culling. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Graphic3d_CView::Graphic3d_CView ( )

Field Documentation

int Graphic3d_CView::Active
int Graphic3d_CView::Backfacing
CALL_DEF_VIEWCONTEXT Graphic3d_CView::Context
CALL_DEF_WINDOW Graphic3d_CView::DefWindow
void* Graphic3d_CView::GClientData
Aspect_RenderingContext Graphic3d_CView::GContext
Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc Graphic3d_CView::GDisplayCB
Standard_Boolean Graphic3d_CView::IsCullingEnabled

Enables/disables frustum culling.

int Graphic3d_CView::IsDeleted
int Graphic3d_CView::IsOpen
void* Graphic3d_CView::ptrFBO
void* Graphic3d_CView::ptrOverLayer
void* Graphic3d_CView::ptrUnderLayer
void* Graphic3d_CView::ptrView
Graphic3d_RenderingParams Graphic3d_CView::RenderParams

Specifies rendering parameters and effects.

int Graphic3d_CView::ViewId
int Graphic3d_CView::WasRedrawnGL

Was the window redrawn by standard OpenGL?

int Graphic3d_CView::WsId

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