Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

HLRBRep_BiPnt2D Class Reference

Contains the colors of a shape. More...

#include <HLRBRep_BiPnt2D.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 HLRBRep_BiPnt2D ()
 HLRBRep_BiPnt2D (const Standard_Real x1, const Standard_Real y1, const Standard_Real x2, const Standard_Real y2, const TopoDS_Shape &S, const Standard_Boolean reg1, const Standard_Boolean regn, const Standard_Boolean outl, const Standard_Boolean intl)
const gp_Pnt2dP1 () const
const gp_Pnt2dP2 () const
const TopoDS_ShapeShape () const
void Shape (const TopoDS_Shape &S)
Standard_Boolean Rg1Line () const
void Rg1Line (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean RgNLine () const
void RgNLine (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean OutLine () const
void OutLine (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean IntLine () const
void IntLine (const Standard_Boolean B)

Detailed Description

Contains the colors of a shape.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::HLRBRep_BiPnt2D ( )
HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::HLRBRep_BiPnt2D ( const Standard_Real  x1,
const Standard_Real  y1,
const Standard_Real  x2,
const Standard_Real  y2,
const TopoDS_Shape S,
const Standard_Boolean  reg1,
const Standard_Boolean  regn,
const Standard_Boolean  outl,
const Standard_Boolean  intl 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::IntLine ( ) const
void HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::IntLine ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::OutLine ( ) const
void HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::OutLine ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
const gp_Pnt2d& HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::P1 ( ) const
const gp_Pnt2d& HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::P2 ( ) const
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::Rg1Line ( ) const
void HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::Rg1Line ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::RgNLine ( ) const
void HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::RgNLine ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
const TopoDS_Shape& HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::Shape ( ) const
void HLRBRep_BiPnt2D::Shape ( const TopoDS_Shape S)

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