Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

HLRBRep_EdgeData Class Reference

#include <HLRBRep_EdgeData.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 HLRBRep_EdgeData ()
void Set (const Standard_Boolean Reg1, const Standard_Boolean RegN, const TopoDS_Edge &EG, const Standard_Integer V1, const Standard_Integer V2, const Standard_Boolean Out1, const Standard_Boolean Out2, const Standard_Boolean Cut1, const Standard_Boolean Cut2, const Standard_Real Start, const Standard_ShortReal TolStart, const Standard_Real End, const Standard_ShortReal TolEnd)
Standard_Boolean Selected () const
void Selected (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Rg1Line () const
void Rg1Line (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean RgNLine () const
void RgNLine (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Vertical () const
void Vertical (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Simple () const
void Simple (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean OutLVSta () const
void OutLVSta (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean OutLVEnd () const
void OutLVEnd (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean CutAtSta () const
void CutAtSta (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean CutAtEnd () const
void CutAtEnd (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean VerAtSta () const
void VerAtSta (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean VerAtEnd () const
void VerAtEnd (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean AutoIntersectionDone () const
void AutoIntersectionDone (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean Used () const
void Used (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Integer HideCount () const
void HideCount (const Standard_Integer I)
Standard_Integer VSta () const
void VSta (const Standard_Integer I)
Standard_Integer VEnd () const
void VEnd (const Standard_Integer I)
void UpdateMinMax (const Standard_Address TotMinMax)
Standard_Address MinMax () const
HLRAlgo_EdgeStatusStatus ()
HLRBRep_CurveChangeGeometry ()
const HLRBRep_CurveGeometry () const
Standard_Address Curve ()
Standard_ShortReal Tolerance () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HLRBRep_EdgeData::HLRBRep_EdgeData ( )

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::AutoIntersectionDone ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::AutoIntersectionDone ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
HLRBRep_Curve& HLRBRep_EdgeData::ChangeGeometry ( )
Standard_Address HLRBRep_EdgeData::Curve ( )
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::CutAtEnd ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::CutAtEnd ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::CutAtSta ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::CutAtSta ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
const HLRBRep_Curve& HLRBRep_EdgeData::Geometry ( ) const
Standard_Integer HLRBRep_EdgeData::HideCount ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::HideCount ( const Standard_Integer  I)
Standard_Address HLRBRep_EdgeData::MinMax ( ) const
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::OutLVEnd ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::OutLVEnd ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::OutLVSta ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::OutLVSta ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::Rg1Line ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Rg1Line ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::RgNLine ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::RgNLine ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::Selected ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Selected ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Set ( const Standard_Boolean  Reg1,
const Standard_Boolean  RegN,
const TopoDS_Edge EG,
const Standard_Integer  V1,
const Standard_Integer  V2,
const Standard_Boolean  Out1,
const Standard_Boolean  Out2,
const Standard_Boolean  Cut1,
const Standard_Boolean  Cut2,
const Standard_Real  Start,
const Standard_ShortReal  TolStart,
const Standard_Real  End,
const Standard_ShortReal  TolEnd 
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::Simple ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Simple ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
HLRAlgo_EdgeStatus& HLRBRep_EdgeData::Status ( )
Standard_ShortReal HLRBRep_EdgeData::Tolerance ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::UpdateMinMax ( const Standard_Address  TotMinMax)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::Used ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Used ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Integer HLRBRep_EdgeData::VEnd ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::VEnd ( const Standard_Integer  I)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::VerAtEnd ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::VerAtEnd ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::VerAtSta ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::VerAtSta ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRBRep_EdgeData::Vertical ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::Vertical ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Integer HLRBRep_EdgeData::VSta ( ) const
void HLRBRep_EdgeData::VSta ( const Standard_Integer  I)

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