Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool Class Reference

Used to display the results. More...

#include <HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool (const Handle< HLRBRep_PolyAlgo > &Alg, const Standard_Integer ViewId, const Standard_Boolean Debug=Standard_False)
void Show ()
void Hide ()
void DisplayRg1Line (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean DisplayRg1Line () const
void DisplayRgNLine (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean DisplayRgNLine () const
void DisplayHidden (const Standard_Boolean B)
Standard_Boolean DisplayHidden () const
void DrawOn (Draw_Display &D) const
Standard_Boolean Debug () const
void Debug (const Standard_Boolean B)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Draw_Drawable3D
virtual Standard_Boolean PickReject (const Standard_Real X, const Standard_Real Y, const Standard_Real Prec) const
 Returs True if the pick is outside the box. More...
virtual Handle< Draw_Drawable3DCopy () const
 For variable copy. More...
virtual void Dump (Standard_OStream &S) const
 For variable dump. More...
virtual void Whatis (Draw_Interpretor &I) const
 For variable whatis command. Set as a result the type of the variable. More...
virtual Standard_Boolean Is3D () const
 Is a 3D object. (Default True). More...
void SetBounds (const Standard_Real xmin, const Standard_Real xmax, const Standard_Real ymin, const Standard_Real ymax)
void Bounds (Standard_Real &xmin, Standard_Real &xmax, Standard_Real &ymin, Standard_Real &ymax) const
Standard_Boolean Visible () const
void Visible (const Standard_Boolean V)
Standard_Boolean Protected () const
void Protected (const Standard_Boolean P)
Standard_CString Name () const
virtual void Name (const Standard_CString N)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MMgt_TShared
virtual void Delete () const
 Memory deallocator for transient classes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Standard_Transient
 Standard_Transient ()
 Empty constructor. More...
 Standard_Transient (const Standard_Transient &)
 Copy constructor – does nothing. More...
Standard_Transientoperator= (const Standard_Transient &)
 Assignment operator, needed to avoid copying reference counter. More...
virtual ~Standard_Transient ()
 Destructor must be virtual. More...
virtual const
Handle_Standard_Type & 
DynamicType () const
 Returns a type information object about this object. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of Type. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of TypeName. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of Type or an instance of any class that inherits from Type. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of TypeName or an instance of any class that inherits from TypeName. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
virtual Handle_Standard_Transient This () const
 Returns a Handle which references this object. Must never be called to objects created in stack. More...
Standard_Integer GetRefCount () const
 Get the reference counter of this object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Draw_Drawable3D
 Draw_Drawable3D ()

Detailed Description

Used to display the results.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool ( const Handle< HLRBRep_PolyAlgo > &  Alg,
const Standard_Integer  ViewId,
const Standard_Boolean  Debug = Standard_False 

Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::Debug ( ) const
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::Debug ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayHidden ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayHidden ( ) const
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayRg1Line ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayRg1Line ( ) const
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayRgNLine ( const Standard_Boolean  B)
Standard_Boolean HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DisplayRgNLine ( ) const
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::DrawOn ( Draw_Display D) const

Implements Draw_Drawable3D.

void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::Hide ( )
void HLRTest_DrawablePolyEdgeTool::Show ( )

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