Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

IntTools_CArray1OfReal Class Reference

#include <IntTools_CArray1OfReal.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 IntTools_CArray1OfReal (const Standard_Integer Length=0)
 IntTools_CArray1OfReal (const Standard_Real &Item, const Standard_Integer Length)
void Init (const Standard_Real &V)
void Resize (const Standard_Integer theNewLength)
void Destroy ()
 ~IntTools_CArray1OfReal ()
Standard_Integer Length () const
void Append (const Standard_Real &Value)
void SetValue (const Standard_Integer Index, const Standard_Real &Value)
const Standard_RealValue (const Standard_Integer Index) const
const Standard_Realoperator() (const Standard_Integer Index) const
Standard_RealChangeValue (const Standard_Integer Index)
Standard_Realoperator() (const Standard_Integer Index)
Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const IntTools_CArray1OfReal &Other) const
Standard_Boolean operator== (const IntTools_CArray1OfReal &Other) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IntTools_CArray1OfReal::IntTools_CArray1OfReal ( const Standard_Integer  Length = 0)
IntTools_CArray1OfReal::IntTools_CArray1OfReal ( const Standard_Real Item,
const Standard_Integer  Length 
IntTools_CArray1OfReal::~IntTools_CArray1OfReal ( )

Member Function Documentation

void IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Append ( const Standard_Real Value)
Standard_Real& IntTools_CArray1OfReal::ChangeValue ( const Standard_Integer  Index)
void IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Destroy ( )
void IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Init ( const Standard_Real V)
Standard_Boolean IntTools_CArray1OfReal::IsEqual ( const IntTools_CArray1OfReal Other) const
Standard_Integer IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Length ( ) const
const Standard_Real& IntTools_CArray1OfReal::operator() ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const
Standard_Real& IntTools_CArray1OfReal::operator() ( const Standard_Integer  Index)
Standard_Boolean IntTools_CArray1OfReal::operator== ( const IntTools_CArray1OfReal Other) const
void IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Resize ( const Standard_Integer  theNewLength)
void IntTools_CArray1OfReal::SetValue ( const Standard_Integer  Index,
const Standard_Real Value 
const Standard_Real& IntTools_CArray1OfReal::Value ( const Standard_Integer  Index) const

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