Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer Class Reference

#include <STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer (const Interface_Graph &G)
void Init (const Interface_Graph &G)
void Dump (Standard_OStream &os) const
< StepShape_ShapeDefinitionRepresentation
FindSDRWithProduct (const Handle< StepBasic_ProductDefinition > &product) const
void FillListWithGraph (const Handle< STEPSelections_AssemblyComponent > &cmp)
Handle< Standard_TransientFindItemWithNAUO (const Handle< StepRepr_NextAssemblyUsageOccurrence > &nauo) const
Standard_Integer NbAssemblies () const
 Returns the number of root assemblies;. More...
< STEPSelections_AssemblyComponent
Root (const Standard_Integer rank=1) const
 Returns root of assenbly by its rank;. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer ( const Interface_Graph G)

Member Function Documentation

void STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::Dump ( Standard_OStream os) const
void STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::FillListWithGraph ( const Handle< STEPSelections_AssemblyComponent > &  cmp)
Handle< Standard_Transient > STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::FindItemWithNAUO ( const Handle< StepRepr_NextAssemblyUsageOccurrence > &  nauo) const
Handle< StepShape_ShapeDefinitionRepresentation > STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::FindSDRWithProduct ( const Handle< StepBasic_ProductDefinition > &  product) const
void STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::Init ( const Interface_Graph G)
Standard_Integer STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::NbAssemblies ( ) const

Returns the number of root assemblies;.

Handle< STEPSelections_AssemblyComponent > STEPSelections_AssemblyExplorer::Root ( const Standard_Integer  rank = 1) const

Returns root of assenbly by its rank;.

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