Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
Public Member Functions

TopoDS_ListOfShape Class Reference

#include <TopoDS_ListOfShape.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopoDS_ListOfShape ()
 TopoDS_ListOfShape (const TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other)
void Assign (const TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other)
void operator= (const TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other)
Standard_Integer Extent () const
void Clear ()
 ~TopoDS_ListOfShape ()
Standard_Boolean IsEmpty () const
void Prepend (const TopoDS_Shape &I)
void Prepend (const TopoDS_Shape &I, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &theIt)
void Prepend (TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other)
void Append (const TopoDS_Shape &I)
void Append (const TopoDS_Shape &I, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &theIt)
void Append (TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other)
TopoDS_ShapeFirst () const
TopoDS_ShapeLast () const
void RemoveFirst ()
void Remove (TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &It)
void InsertBefore (const TopoDS_Shape &I, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &It)
void InsertBefore (TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &It)
void InsertAfter (const TopoDS_Shape &I, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &It)
void InsertAfter (TopoDS_ListOfShape &Other, TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape &It)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopoDS_ListOfShape::TopoDS_ListOfShape ( )
TopoDS_ListOfShape::TopoDS_ListOfShape ( const TopoDS_ListOfShape Other)
TopoDS_ListOfShape::~TopoDS_ListOfShape ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Append ( const TopoDS_Shape I)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Append ( const TopoDS_Shape I,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape theIt 
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Append ( TopoDS_ListOfShape Other)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Assign ( const TopoDS_ListOfShape Other)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Clear ( )
Standard_Integer TopoDS_ListOfShape::Extent ( ) const
TopoDS_Shape& TopoDS_ListOfShape::First ( ) const
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::InsertAfter ( const TopoDS_Shape I,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape It 
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::InsertAfter ( TopoDS_ListOfShape Other,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape It 
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::InsertBefore ( const TopoDS_Shape I,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape It 
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::InsertBefore ( TopoDS_ListOfShape Other,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape It 
Standard_Boolean TopoDS_ListOfShape::IsEmpty ( ) const
TopoDS_Shape& TopoDS_ListOfShape::Last ( ) const
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::operator= ( const TopoDS_ListOfShape Other)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Prepend ( const TopoDS_Shape I)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Prepend ( const TopoDS_Shape I,
TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape theIt 
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Prepend ( TopoDS_ListOfShape Other)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::Remove ( TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape It)
void TopoDS_ListOfShape::RemoveFirst ( )

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