Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.0
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VrmlData_TextureCoordinate Class Reference

#include <VrmlData_TextureCoordinate.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 VrmlData_TextureCoordinate ()
 VrmlData_TextureCoordinate (const VrmlData_Scene &theScene, const char *theName, const size_t nPoints=0, const gp_XY *arrPoints=0L)
Standard_Boolean AllocateValues (const Standard_Size theLength)
size_t Length ()
const gp_XYPoints ()
void SetPoints (const size_t nPoints, const gp_XY *arrPoints)
virtual Handle< VrmlData_NodeClone (const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &theOther) const
virtual VrmlData_ErrorStatus Read (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VrmlData_Node
 VrmlData_Node ()
virtual ~VrmlData_Node ()
const VrmlData_SceneScene () const
const char * Name () const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadNode (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, Handle< VrmlData_Node > &theNode, const Handle< Standard_Type > &Type=NULL)
virtual VrmlData_ErrorStatus Write (const char *thePrefix) const
virtual Standard_Boolean IsDefault () const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus WriteClosing () const
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 Standard_Transient ()
 Empty constructor. More...
 Standard_Transient (const Standard_Transient &)
 Copy constructor – does nothing. More...
Standard_Transientoperator= (const Standard_Transient &)
 Assignment operator, needed to avoid copying reference counter. More...
virtual ~Standard_Transient ()
 Destructor must be virtual. More...
virtual void Delete () const
 Memory deallocator for transient classes. More...
virtual const
Handle_Standard_Type & 
DynamicType () const
 Returns a type information object about this object. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of Type. More...
Standard_Boolean IsInstance (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns a true value if this is an instance of TypeName. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Handle_Standard_Type &theType) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of Type or an instance of any class that inherits from Type. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
Standard_Boolean IsKind (const Standard_CString theTypeName) const
 Returns true if this is an instance of TypeName or an instance of any class that inherits from TypeName. Note that multiple inheritance is not supported by OCCT RTTI mechanism. More...
virtual Handle_Standard_Transient This () const
 Returns a Handle which references this object. Must never be called to objects created in stack. More...
Standard_Integer GetRefCount () const
 Get the reference counter of this object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VrmlData_Node
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadBoolean (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, Standard_Boolean &theResult)
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadString (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, TCollection_AsciiString &theRes)
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadMultiString (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, NCollection_List< TCollection_AsciiString > &theRes)
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadInteger (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, long &theResult)
static Standard_Boolean OK (const VrmlData_ErrorStatus theStat)
static Standard_Boolean OK (VrmlData_ErrorStatus &outStat, const VrmlData_ErrorStatus theStat)
static Standard_Integer GlobalIndent ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VrmlData_Node
 VrmlData_Node (const VrmlData_Scene &theScene, const char *theName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from VrmlData_Node
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus readBrace (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer)

Detailed Description

Implementation of the node TextureCoordinate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::VrmlData_TextureCoordinate ( )

Empty constructor

VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::VrmlData_TextureCoordinate ( const VrmlData_Scene theScene,
const char *  theName,
const size_t  nPoints = 0,
const gp_XY arrPoints = 0L 


Member Function Documentation

Standard_Boolean VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::AllocateValues ( const Standard_Size  theLength)

Create a data array and assign the field myArray.

True if allocation was successful.
virtual Handle< VrmlData_Node > VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::Clone ( const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &  theOther) const

Create a copy of this node. If the parameter is null, a new copied node is created. Otherwise new node is not created, but rather the given one is modified.

Reimplemented from VrmlData_Node.

size_t VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::Length ( void  )

Query the number of points

const gp_XY* VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::Points ( )

Query the points

virtual VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::Read ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer)

Read the Node from input stream.

Implements VrmlData_Node.

void VrmlData_TextureCoordinate::SetPoints ( const size_t  nPoints,
const gp_XY arrPoints 

Set the points array

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