Open CASCADE Technology  6.9.1
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Bnd_B3f Class Reference

#include <Bnd_B3f.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 Bnd_B3f ()
 Bnd_B3f (const gp_XYZ &theCenter, const gp_XYZ &theHSize)
Standard_Boolean IsVoid () const
void Clear ()
void Add (const gp_XYZ &thePnt)
void Add (const gp_Pnt &thePnt)
void Add (const Bnd_B3f &theBox)
gp_XYZ CornerMin () const
gp_XYZ CornerMax () const
Standard_Real SquareExtent () const
void Enlarge (const Standard_Real theDiff)
Standard_Boolean Limit (const Bnd_B3f &theOtherBox)
Bnd_B3f Transformed (const gp_Trsf &theTrsf) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const gp_XYZ &thePnt) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const gp_XYZ &theCenter, const Standard_Real theRadius, const Standard_Boolean isSphereHollow=Standard_False) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const Bnd_B3f &theOtherBox) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const Bnd_B3f &theOtherBox, const gp_Trsf &theTrsf) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const gp_Ax1 &theLine, const Standard_Boolean isRay=Standard_False, const Standard_Real theOverthickness=0.0) const
Standard_Boolean IsOut (const gp_Ax3 &thePlane) const
Standard_Boolean IsIn (const Bnd_B3f &theBox) const
Standard_Boolean IsIn (const Bnd_B3f &theBox, const gp_Trsf &theTrsf) const
void SetCenter (const gp_XYZ &theCenter)
void SetHSize (const gp_XYZ &theHSize)

Protected Attributes

Standard_ShortReal myCenter [3]
Standard_ShortReal myHSize [3]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bnd_B3f::Bnd_B3f ( )
Bnd_B3f::Bnd_B3f ( const gp_XYZ theCenter,
const gp_XYZ theHSize 

Member Function Documentation

void Bnd_B3f::Add ( const gp_XYZ thePnt)
void Bnd_B3f::Add ( const gp_Pnt thePnt)
void Bnd_B3f::Add ( const Bnd_B3f theBox)
void Bnd_B3f::Clear ( )
gp_XYZ Bnd_B3f::CornerMax ( ) const
gp_XYZ Bnd_B3f::CornerMin ( ) const
void Bnd_B3f::Enlarge ( const Standard_Real  theDiff)
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsIn ( const Bnd_B3f theBox) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsIn ( const Bnd_B3f theBox,
const gp_Trsf theTrsf 
) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const gp_XYZ thePnt) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const gp_XYZ theCenter,
const Standard_Real  theRadius,
const Standard_Boolean  isSphereHollow = Standard_False 
) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const Bnd_B3f theOtherBox) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const Bnd_B3f theOtherBox,
const gp_Trsf theTrsf 
) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const gp_Ax1 theLine,
const Standard_Boolean  isRay = Standard_False,
const Standard_Real  theOverthickness = 0.0 
) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsOut ( const gp_Ax3 thePlane) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::IsVoid ( ) const
Standard_Boolean Bnd_B3f::Limit ( const Bnd_B3f theOtherBox)
void Bnd_B3f::SetCenter ( const gp_XYZ theCenter)
void Bnd_B3f::SetHSize ( const gp_XYZ theHSize)
Standard_Real Bnd_B3f::SquareExtent ( ) const
Bnd_B3f Bnd_B3f::Transformed ( const gp_Trsf theTrsf) const

Field Documentation

Standard_ShortReal Bnd_B3f::myCenter[3]
Standard_ShortReal Bnd_B3f::myHSize[3]

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