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TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool Class Reference

#include <TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool ()
 TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool (const TopOpeBRepTool_OutCurveType OCT)
 TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool (const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool &GT)
TopOpeBRepTool_GeomToolChangeGeomTool ()
const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomToolGetGeomTool () const
void SetGeomTool (const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool &GT)
Standard_Boolean MakeCurves (const Standard_Real min, const Standard_Real max, const Handle< Geom_Curve > &C3D, const Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &PC1, const Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &PC2, const TopoDS_Shape &S1, const TopoDS_Shape &S2, Handle< Geom_Curve > &C3DN, Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &PC1N, Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &PC2N, Standard_Real &Tol3d, Standard_Real &Tol2d) const
 Approximates curves. Returns False in the case of failure. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Handle< Geom_CurveMakeBSpline1fromPnt (const TColgp_Array1OfPnt &P)
static Handle< Geom2d_CurveMakeBSpline1fromPnt2d (const TColgp_Array1OfPnt2d &P)
static Standard_Boolean IsProjectable (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const Handle< Geom_Curve > &C)
static Handle< Geom2d_CurveMakePCurveOnFace (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const Handle< Geom_Curve > &C, Standard_Real &TolReached2d, const Standard_Real first=0.0, const Standard_Real last=0.0)

Protected Attributes

TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool myGeomTool

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool ( )
TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool ( const TopOpeBRepTool_OutCurveType  OCT)
TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool ( const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool GT)

Member Function Documentation

TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool& TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::ChangeGeomTool ( )
const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool& TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::GetGeomTool ( ) const
static Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::IsProjectable ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const Handle< Geom_Curve > &  C 
static Handle< Geom_Curve > TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::MakeBSpline1fromPnt ( const TColgp_Array1OfPnt P)
static Handle< Geom2d_Curve > TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::MakeBSpline1fromPnt2d ( const TColgp_Array1OfPnt2d P)
Standard_Boolean TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::MakeCurves ( const Standard_Real  min,
const Standard_Real  max,
const Handle< Geom_Curve > &  C3D,
const Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &  PC1,
const Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &  PC2,
const TopoDS_Shape S1,
const TopoDS_Shape S2,
Handle< Geom_Curve > &  C3DN,
Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &  PC1N,
Handle< Geom2d_Curve > &  PC2N,
Standard_Real Tol3d,
Standard_Real Tol2d 
) const

Approximates curves. Returns False in the case of failure.

static Handle< Geom2d_Curve > TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::MakePCurveOnFace ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const Handle< Geom_Curve > &  C,
Standard_Real TolReached2d,
const Standard_Real  first = 0.0,
const Standard_Real  last = 0.0 
void TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::SetGeomTool ( const TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool GT)

Field Documentation

TopOpeBRepTool_GeomTool TopOpeBRepTool_CurveTool::myGeomTool

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